Kathy Berla’s second novel is a charming story of self-discovery, romance and adventure, all in twelve hours. The setting is beautiful, the characters smart, sweet and funny with depth they probably wouldn’t share with anyone else (or even each other, in different circumstances). I loved the bubble ballet and legend of the zombie surfer and the shy flirting, such as when Dorothy lifts her skirt to show Arash one of her scars. The sensitivity to their families and the world at large, exemplified by Dorothy’s interviews with veterans, makes us impressed with the couple, as well as invested in their growing relationship. The story-telling, without clear chapter divisions, flows, as do Dorothy and Arash’s adventures. Heart and insight are the hallmarks of this author’s writing. I’m eager for more. ***** Five stars


I had the privilege of being one of the first readers of my friend Katie Kaleski’s book,  A FABRICATION OF THE TRUTH, a Romeo and Juliet story with a sick Romeo and lying Juliet. The nurse facilitator is her grandmother who knows exactly why they’re to be kept apart. Try telling that to two determined teenagers. Romantic, sweet and bittersweet, even a little mysterious- this book will appeal to many. *****Five Stars