5 Stars!
Reviewed By Heather Osborne for Readers’ Favorite

The Last Leaf by Vera Garnes Burris is a poetic, historical novel about two women, Sue and Johnsy. Both live together in New York in the early 1900s. Sue is desperately in love with Johnsy, but Johnsy isn’t so sure of her feelings towards her companion. When Johnsy is struck down with pneumonia, Sue becomes aware of her harbored feelings for a childhood friend, George. As Sue struggles with her loss, Johnsy grows to love George more than she realized. George asks Johnsy to marry him, and Sue throws herself into work with the suffragettes, falling for another woman, Tilda. Will Johnsy and Sue be able to reconcile their feelings in a time where their love must remain behind closed doors?

I certainly enjoyed the prose of this novel, where the focus was mainly on the relationships between people, and not the historical events of the time. I will admit, it took me a moment to realize the time period, only able to figure it out due to the clothing and setting. I particularly liked Behrman’s character, though, and his unwavering attachment to Johnsy. I felt greatly for Sue, and her quest to be loved without competition. She must have struggled greatly, only wanting someone for herself, and not to have to worry about a man coming between them. The Last Leaf by Vera Garnes Burris was a pleasure to read, and I can truly see how the author intertwined all the relationships. I look forward to reading other novels by this author